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Use the DLM Professional Development Modules in PLCs

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The facilitated versions of the DLM Professional Development Modules provide a perfect solution for Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) that are focused on the needs of learners with significant cognitive disabilities.  The modules provide the members of the PLC with focused content and ready-made discussion topics and activities that allow them to apply the information to their own students and make sense of data they may be collecting over time.

For more information about using the DLM Professional Development Modules in PLCs, check out this document.

Pinterest Boards

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We have been working to identify existing resources that might be useful to you as you work to teach the DLM Essential Elements. We’ve organized what we’ve found so far on Pinterest Boards. Here is a list of boards for you to check out:

DLM: Compose and Decompose Numbers https://www.pinterest.com/cgreer7/dlm-compose-and-decompose-numbers/
DLM: Data Analysis and Probability https://www.pinterest.com/cgreer7/dlm-data-analysis-and-probability/
DLM: Fractions https://www.pinterest.com/cgreer7/dlm-fractions/
DLM: Functions https://www.pinterest.com/cgreer7/dlm-functions/
DLM: Geometry https://www.pinterest.com/cgreer7/dlm-geometry/
DLM: Instructional Practice https://www.pinterest.com/cgreer7/dlm-instructional-practice/
DLM: Measurement https://www.pinterest.com/cgreer7/dlm-measurement/
DLM: Number Sense https://www.pinterest.com/cgreer7/dlm-number-sense/
DLM: Operations https://www.pinterest.com/cgreer7/dlm-operations/
DLM: Patterning and Algebra https://www.pinterest.com/cgreer7/dlm-patterning-and-algebra/

New Professional Development Site

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We have updated the professional development site!  You’ll now find all of the modules at http://dlmpd.com/.   Now that the modules are complete, we have organized them based on the DLM™ Claims and Conceptual Areas.  This should help you access modules that address instruction related to the Claims and Conceptual Areas you are addressing at each level.  If you haven’t already completed it, you may want to complete the module on Claims and Conceptual Areas to learn more about the way they help to organize the DLM Alternate Assessment System.  

This document will help you cross reference the modules you have completed using the original numbering system with this new organization.