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    Karen Erickson

    The Dynamic Learning Maps Essential Elements are specific statements of knowledge and skills linked to the grade-level expectations identified in the Common Core State Standards. The purpose of the Dynamic Learning Maps Essential Elements is to build a bridge from the content in the Common Core State Standards to academic expectations for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. You can use this discussion forum to ask questions about the DLM Essential Elements and how they can support your teaching.


    Clarifying examples were created for the previous alternate assessment in Kansas. I noticed that Alaska has created a draft of Instructional Examples that correspond to the Essential Elements. Will there be a common resource created that shows instructional examples linked to the EE?


    Karen Erickson

    The instructional examples you found on the Alaska site are from a previous version of the Essential Elements – many will apply to the DLM Essential Elements that are now in use. We are working to create a whole system of instructional examples and supports for all teachers in DLM. This site is where you’ll find them as they become available. Just yesterday our PD team met to start the process of creating complete instructional units based on units that have been created by some of the DLM states. It is helpful to us to know that the kind of examples you found on the Alaska site are useful. They are on our list and feedback like this let’s us know they should be a priority. Karen


    Thank you for such a quick response. We will be anticipating the release of the units.


    Where can I find the instructional units you spoke of last year? I looked through the site, but was unsuccessful in finding that information.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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